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Sunset Banner July 30-31 Free LARGE Popcorn
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Admission – $30 for the entire car load

Load up a group of your favorite friends and join us at the movies. You’ll  get 2 of the hottest movies playing right now for only $30!

Please support your local Drive-in theater by purchasing your snacks at our snack bar, the money we take in at the box office is used to pay the movie company and equipment costs. The money from concession sales helps us pay to maintain and keep the Drive-in operating for our wonderful customers and outdoor movie enthusiasts. Thank you!

Want to see a sneak peek of the upcoming movies? Watch the trailers on our Showtimes page then come join us this weekend for these amazing movies!

Thank you for visiting us online. The Sunset Drive in Theater is a sister theater to the 5 Mile drive-in Theater in Dowagiac. If you don’t see your favorite movies playing here be sure to check the other theater for additional options. You can click over directly using this link: https://5miledrivein.com

These two theaters offer great new movies at reasonable rates per car load with no additional charge no matter how many friends you bring. The concession stand offers all of your movie favorites including fresh-popped buttery Popcorn, Nachos with cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, candy bars, pop, and more. Come check it out!

Don’t forget your friends! Be sure to share this so they can join you at the drive-in!

Everybody gets hungry at the movies but the good news is we have you covered! whether your looking for a quick snack of Reeses pieces or a cheeseburger with fries and an ice cold drink, we have you covered. Come on over to the concession stand! Smells and Smiles are free

Please note our rules:

  • Drive slowly and watch for children playing

  • Keep lights off during movies

  • Absolutely No Glass Bottles or Grills allowed