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What does mom have to do with a Drive-In Theater?

Would you believe it was a mother’s back pain that caused the drive-in theater to come into existence? A young entrepreneur Richard Hollingshead was inspired by his mother’s discomfort at the movie theater to create the very first park-in theater. Only later were these theaters called drive-in theaters. Although June is the month for Father’s Day, it was June 6, 1933 when the first park-in theater opened inspired by this young man’s wish to help is mother.
His idea led to a multitude of other drive in theater’s opening with the height of drive-in theaters being 5,000 across the nation back in the mid 1960’s. It is a novelty event taking the family to an open-air theater, making an experience that is not soon forgotten.
Sunset Drive-In Theater in Hartford Michigan was opened in 1948 and is still showing movies in 2018! That is quite the amazing feat. With a capacity for 300 cars, this theater allows for you to be outside while you watch a movie and enjoy the fresh air. Even if you don’t remember the movie, you will remember your time with friends and family at this drive-in theater.

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Author: Sara Kaitlyn

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  • JessievNnOlson
    May 13, 2019 11:38 pm

    The drivein is just asvg r eat today as itvwas the firstvtime my parents took me- 1966 Question: what’s on th I s weekemd – t hr e 27, 18 & 19th? When do the tiylrs change? Than k you so very mucch for the decades of family fun!!!

    • Thank you Jessie, We appreciate the many years of support and look forward to seeing you again this weekend for Aladdin & Dumbo


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